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Maggie Germano

Welcome to Money Circle

A safe, feminist space for women to talk and learn about money.

About Me

Maggie Germano is a feminist and financial coach for women. She helps women improve their relationship with money so they can take control of their financial future. She does this through one-on-one financial coaching, workshops, writing on her blog and Forbes column, and speaking engagements. She also founded Money Circle, which is a safe space for women to talk about money without feeling judged, and has recently become a podcast of the same name. Passionate about helping women earn more and closing the wage gap, Maggie was also trained as a salary negotiation facilitator by AAUW

In 2018, Maggie received the Woman Empowerment Entrepreneur Award from the DC Women’s Business Center, and was a finalist for the Entrepreneurship for Good award from the Women’s Information Network. In 2019, Maggie received the Excellence in Finance award at the Perfect Entrepreneur Awards. 

When she isn’t talking about money, you can find Maggie spending time with her husband and her corgi in Riverdale Park, Maryland.

Why You Should Join Me

There’s so much shame surrounding money, especially for women. We don’t get taught about personal finance in school, but then we are embarrassed and ashamed when we grow up and don’t know how to manage our money. Student loan debt and credit card debt are at an all time high, but we are told that everything would be fine if we just stopped buying coffee. The gender and wage gap still persist, but women and people of color are told that they just need to negotiate more. To make things even worse, most people aren’t talking about their financial struggles, so we feel like we’re all alone.

If you relate to the issues above, you probably don’t know where to turn for money advice and resources and you don’t feel comfortable talking about it to family and friends. You’re longing for a place where you can find nonjudgmental support that helps you find the motivation to change your financial situation for the better. This is true whether you want to learn how to budget once and for all, or you’re struggling with credit card debt, or you’re buried in student loan debt, or you want to someday own a home of your very own.

The Money Circle Community is that safe space where you can talk about your finances without fear of judgment. It’s a place to connect with people who have been in your shoes and people who are in your shoes. It’s a place to get resources and support from people who understand you, but who don’t have a personal stake in your financial decisions.

In this safe, intersectional feminist space, we will break down money shame and build community and safety for everyone, so that you can find the support you need to gain control over your finances.